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Easter Week in Uruguay: A look at the Uruguayan holidays

Easter in Uruguay

Easter Week in Uruguay: A look at the Uruguayan holidays

Vacations in Uruguay

Tourism Week, also known as Semana Santa in Uruguay, is a time of intense tourist activity throughout the country. With a variety of destinations and activities, it attracts both locals and tourists who take advantage of the long weekend to relax and enjoy nature.

Tourism Week in numbers

According to information from the National Directorate of Migration, more than 100,000 Uruguayans left the country during Tourism Week and Easter Week in Uruguay, while almost 57,000 tourists entered the country. The main border crossings, including Paysandú, Fray Bentos, Colonia and Rio Branco, registered significant travel traffic.


route interbalnearia uruguay
Route Interbalnearia. Photo: Archivo El País

Popular travel destinations and activities

For beach lovers

Despite the rush at border crossings, many tourists are still drawn to Uruguay’s beaches. Coastal towns such as Punta del Este and La Paloma offer vibrant life during Tourism Week. Tourists can relax, swim, sunbathe and practice water sports here.

For nature lovers

Uruguay is known for its picturesque landscape and rich wildlife. During Tourism Week, nature lovers flock to the country’s rural areas to enjoy hiking, bird watching and other outdoor activities. Tourist communities offer guided tours and wilderness lodging.

For those interested in culture.

Tourism Week is also a time when cultural events and festivals are held throughout the country. From traditional celebrations to modern art exhibitions, there is something for everyone. Tourists can visit local markets to buy handicrafts and regional specialties, or participate in traditional dances and musical events.

Hunting, fishing and rural tourism

During Tourism Week the hunting and fishing season is in full swing. Uruguay’s rural areas offer numerous opportunities for hunting and fishing activities. Popular prey for hunting include wild boar, deer and ducks, while anglers can find trout, pike and bream in the country’s rivers and lakes.

Culinary delights during Semana Santa

Semana de Turismo usually coincides with Semana Santa (Easter in Uruguay), the holy week before Semana Santa. During this time people enjoy traditional dishes such as fish, seafood and empanadas. On Good Friday in many homes no meat is eaten, but fish dishes are prepared. On Easter Sunday, families gather to enjoy festive meals with lamb, vegetables and sweets.

Culinary delights during Semana Santa
Culinary delights during Semana Santa

Holy Week in Uruguay religion and tourism

Uruguay is a secular state, but Catholic traditions still influence daily life, especially during Holy Week. During Holy Week in Uruguay, many locals visit churches and participate in religious processions, while tourists have the opportunity to learn about the country’s cultural and religious customs.

Why does Uruguay celebrate Tourism Week?

The Easter Eggs tradition: an Easter surprise

The tradition of Easter eggs has a long history, dating back to ancient cultures that celebrated spring and the life and growth that accompanies it. In Uruguay, a secular state, Easter is officially called “Tourism Week” to emphasize the separation of religious celebrations and state holidays.

Although the state follows a secular policy, religious practices are not prohibited during Holy Week. Believers are free to freely practice their religious rituals in their churches and communities. However, the tradition of the Easter egg hunt has found its place in Uruguay, as in many other parts of the world.

Duration of Easter vacations

The length of vacation during Easter varies according to individual preferences and work commitments. Some people only take a few days off, while others use the entire week to travel and relax. In general, Semana de Turismo is a popular time for vacations and tourism in Uruguay.

Excursions to Brazil and currency exchange.

During Tourism Week, thousands of tourists also leave Uruguay to visit neighboring Brazil. There is a massive demand for Brazilian currency at the country’s exchange offices, as many travelers head out to explore Brazil’s beaches and attractions.


Tourism Week, or Semana Santa in Uruguay, is a time of travel, relaxation and celebration throughout the country. With a variety of activities and events, it offers something special for every visitor. Whether you want to explore the beaches, enjoy nature or discover cultural attractions, Uruguay has a lot to offer during Semana de Turismo.

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Easter Week in Uruguay
Easter Week in Uruguay
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