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7 reasons why the Montevideo Stock Exchange is attractive for investors in the Uruguayan capital market

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7 reasons why the Montevideo Stock Exchange is attractive for investors in the Uruguayan capital market

The Bolsa de Valores de Montevideo (BVM) is a major institution in the Uruguayan capital market, playing a central role in the placement, trading and custody of public and private securities. Since its creation in 1867, the BVM has ensured a safe and transparent market in which transactions valued at almost 3,000 million dollars are processed annually. With securities valued at over 2,000 million dollars under custody, the BVM offers investors security, reliability and an attractive platform for investments.

The Montevideo Stock Exchange (BVM) offers a variety of advantages for investors. Here are seven reasons why it is so attractive:

  1. Safe and transparent market: Since 1867, BVM has offered security and transparency for investors and ensures a reliable trading venue.
  2. High trading value: Nearly $3 billion worth of transactions are processed annually, making BVM a major player in the financial market.
  3. Comprehensive services: BVM offers services ranging from the issuance of new securities to trading, management and custody of securities, both locally and internationally.
  4. Diverse investment options: Investors have access to a wide range of local and international securities, allowing portfolio diversification.
  5. Strong regulation and best practices: BVM uses local and international regulations and best practices to ensure optimal trading conditions.
  6. Active role in the financial market: BVM has a leading position and actively contributes to the development of national and regional financial markets.
  7. Support and training: BVM offers training and support for investors and issuers to promote their success.

Mission and vision of BVM

Mission: BVM’s mission is to promote the capital market in Uruguay and act as an intermediary of financial instruments. The objective is to provide issuers, investors and intermediaries with the necessary services and information to achieve their objectives. Appropriate regulation, based on the best local and international practices, aims to provide added value to shareholders, investors and issuers of securities.

Vision: BVM aims to play a leading role in national development and to be recognized by companies as a real financing option. BVM should also be a preferred option for investors to invest their savings. BVM also aims to play a more active role in regional financial markets.

BVM services

BVM offers its members a wide range of services covering the entire life cycle of securities:

  • Primary Market: Through the BVM, brokers and special members can participate in the initial public offering (IPO) of securities issued by public or private institutions.
  • Secondary Market Trading: Brokers and special members can buy and sell various securities listed on BVM through the electronic trading system throughout the trading day.
  • Settlement and clearing of trades: This service includes the settlement of both the cash and securities sides of transactions carried out between brokers and/or special members on the exchange and over the counter.
  • Securities custody: BVM offers custody of both local and international securities. This service is carried out through accounts opened in the name of BVM at various financial institutions, both local (Banco Central del Uruguay) and international (Bank of New York, Clearstream).
  • Issuance of custody certificates: Members of the BVM can request physical custody certificates for their clients for the securities deposited with the BVM.
  • Training: BVM’s Training Department offers continuing education courses for brokers’ employees and special members.
  • Representation of security holders: BVM is authorized to act as legal representative of purchasers of publicly listed private securities and ensures that the issue terms are complied with and a strong defense is provided in the event of differences.
  • Registration of global certificates: In accordance with applicable regulations, BVM offers issuers the registration of publicly listed private securities.
  • Payment agent for principal and interest: BVM also provides the service of paying interest and principal to the holders of publicly listed private securities.

The importance of BVM in the Uruguayan capital market

The BVM is not only an institution promoting the capital market in Uruguay, but also a key player in the country’s economic development. By providing transparent and secure trading and custody services, the BVM contributes significantly to the stability and attractiveness of the Uruguayan financial market.

Further information on issuers of shares and tradable bonds can be found at the following links:

BVM remains an indispensable partner for investors and issuers in Uruguay and continues to contribute to the dynamic development of the national and regional financial market.

The importance of BVM
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