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Uruguay defeated Panama 3-1 in its debut at the 2024 Copa América in Miami. Hope is growing.

copa america 2024 uruguay with panama

Uruguay defeated Panama 3-1 in its debut at the 2024 Copa América in Miami. Hope is growing.

The Uruguayan national football team defeated Panama 3-1 in their debut at the Copa América yesterday. A good result, not only because of the victory, but also because of a history full of bad tournament debuts.

The team coached by Argentinian ‘el loco’ (the madman) Bielsa dominated the match in the first half with countless chances, only scoring the 1-0 goal through Maxi Araujo . A well-organised Panama team on the counterattack dominated the ball for much of the second half. Finally, Uruguay’s second goal secured the victory through the appearance of Darwin Núñez , followed by the third goal by Matías Viña and Panama’s revenge with a goal in the last minute.

Uruguay beat Panama 3-1 in its debut at the Copa América 2024 in Miami. Hope is growing. 3

Let’s look back at the past victories

Uruguay has an impressive history in the Copa América , the oldest continental football tournament in the world. The Celeste, as the Uruguayan national team is known, has won the tournament a total of 15 times, making them one of the most successful teams in the history of the competition. Their first triumph came in 1916 at the tournament’s inaugural edition, and since then Uruguay have consistently demonstrated their dominance on the South American continent.

Particularly notable are the victories in 1924 and 1928, which coincided with the national team’s Olympic victories and established Uruguay as a world football power. In more recent history, Uruguay also won the cup in Argentina in 2011 , beating Paraguay 3-0 in the final.

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