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Zonamerica is an 1er industrial, technology and services Campus

Zonamerica is an 1th industrial, technology and services Campus Uruguay

Zonamerica is an 1er industrial, technology and services Campus

If you are looking for a quality job and good returns, I recommend you look at Zonamerica.

Zonamerica is an industrial, technology and services Campus.

It is the first free zone to settle in Uruguay. Free Trade Zone means that the companies installed in this Campus have tax benefits and import tax facilities.

Located on Route 8, Km 17.5, close to the Carrasco international airport. It currently has 8 business platforms, almost 350 companies installed and generates more than 9,500 jobs. In Zonamerica there are numerous companies installed (Saber Holdings,, Tata, Ocwen, Seprona, Assist Card, Brilox, Godana, CTC2, CISA, AIVA and Group RCI, among others).

In Information Technologies, several companies have also been installed (TCS, Verifone, Bantotal and Lynkos). In addition, there are several consulting companies (Ferrere Internacional, PwC, Deloitte, BDO, KPMG among others).

Zonamerica is an 1th industrial, technology and services Campus Uruguay
Zonamerica is an 1th industrial, technology and services Campus Uruguay. Foto:

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Some business ideas in Uruguay.

  • Grow Shop – Cannabis

    Uruguay was one of the first countries in the world to approve the controlled use of Cannabis for recreational use. There is a lot of potential in cannabis-based products and stores called GrowShop

  • Sprouts of Soy, Alfalfa and many others.

    Easy to produce, it takes up very little space and is very fast growing. Nutritionally they are food products of great nutritional value.

  • Detox drink

    Based on concentrated juices without fiber, they are widely used in Detox therapies. Together with a Kangen Water purifier, it could be a very large differential against other Detox products.

  • Property Recycling

    Purchase of properties in poor condition or with property problems, to re-establish them by substantially improving their market value.

  • Purchase and Sale of Demolition Products

    Many of the old houses and farms has valuable things like windows and doors that have a quality of wood far better than today’s standards.

  • FoodTruck

    There are several in the market. They have an incredible appeal and they are hired more and more in all kinds of parties, events, shows that occur throughout the country

  • Local for sale on the Interbalnearia Highway

    Taking advantage of the huge traffic flow on this main highway of Uruguay that connects Montevideo (capital of Uruguay) with the eastern area where the best beaches and resorts are. It can be Gastronomy, Plant Nursery, Demolition and Auction Products and much more

  • Municipal fairs of Piriapolis and Maldonado

    They are quite large and very frequented fairs where all kinds of products are sold It can be combined by selling these same products during the week at other fairs in Montevideo or online

  • Aromatic and Medicinal Products based on Cannabis, Kalanchoe, Rosemary, Lavender, etc.

    Alternative medicine is in fashion and in continuous growth

  • Network Marketing

    There is great potential to develop a global business managed from Uruguay It is important to choose the ideal product. Amazon is an excellent sales channel

  • Space for parties, events and conferences.

    A medium room next to your home can serve perfectly and does not cause any extra expenses, except the construction of the room.

  • Hostel or small houses for rent In the area of beaches

    There is a lot of supply, but also a lot of demand for lodging. It can be low, medium or high price. Airbnb is widely used by foreigners and Uruguayans to get these accommodations.

  • Container offices to rent or sell

    With a truck and a trailer can be transported everywhere. There is a lot of demand for this type of offices especially when there is temporary work or construction.

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