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About Uruguay

Uruguay is a wonderful country, with a high quality of life, being able to choose between living in the hills or on the beach and the sea.

If you like the calm of the sea, we have miles and miles of white sand.

If you like animals or plants, we have all kinds.

Our land is privileged and everything you plant will grow. You can have fruit trees, vegetables and all kinds of legumes.

There is a lot of organic production free of agro-toxics in Uruguay.

There is something great for everyone. But the most important thing in Uruguay is that you will find Peace and happiness without a doubt.

Uruguay qualifies amont the highest in America on political, economic and social stability.

Compared to all the countries in the South and Central America Region, Uruguay has the highest literacy rate (99%).

According to the World Bank, Uruguay has the best democracy.

And according to Transparency International Uruguay has the most positive No-corruption perception index in the region.

Both private and public health system are first class and the educational level is excellent with English speaking schools and other languages aswell.

In Uruguay there are no earthquakes, no hurricanes or ethnic problems.

In Uruguay, all political ideologies, religions and gender preferences are respected.

Uruguay is a small country with few inhabitants, but today the opportunities are global regardless of where one is based.

Optical fiber is being installed rapidly throughout Uruguay, which is why Internet connectivity is very good and very accessible, making it possible to do international business from the comfort of your home.

Uruguay has an excellent quality of life so all this makes Uruguay an ideal place to live.

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