Living on the border

Living in Uruguay is wonderful. Kms and kms of white sand beaches and unique sea.

180 km from Punta del Este in a northeast direction, we will arrive at Chui. A very picturesque border town with Brazil.

Living on the border has its great benefits. The cost of living on the Brazilian side is much lower than the Uruguayan side. On the Uruguayan side you will have several Tax Free stores.

What is cheaper in Brazil, you buy in Brazil, what is cheaper in Uruguay, you buy in Uruguay.

Land, buildings, taxes, services such as electricity, water and telephone are much less on the Brazilian side. It's like being in the best of both worlds.

This video will show you the benefits and differences of both countries

About Chui - Alvorada

But be careful too Chui, it is neither Montevideo nor Punta del Este.

If you are looking for good bilingual schools you will not find it there. Although the health services are good, they do not compare with what you can find in Montevideo and Punta del Este.

It is still good to consider it. Land near the sea on the Brazilian side will cost around $ 12,000, and land near the sea on the Uruguayan coast will cost at least $ 35,000 or more.

It is worth visiting and deciding later. You can perfectly have citizenship in both countries Brazil and Uruguay.

If you are retired, it can be a very good option. Given the lower cost of living on the Brazilian side of the border, the quality of life is much better, since the money will yield much more.

Real State and construction

We have a strong partnership with the best Real Estate in Chui (Brazilian side), and we are constructors, we can make your bungalow, hut or house at your desir.

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04.05 | 13:31

Hi Nicoletta.
Nice receiving your lovely message.
This videos some I have done it, others my brother who has a Chacra.
All this is real Farmland living.
Send me a mail to andres.adonai@gmail

01.05 | 13:10

who did the videos ? they are so sweet! we love nature and harmony and we will love to live in a "still human country", what does it take to expat and live in Uruguay?

13.08 | 12:18

Hello.. I love your videos. I will like to come to Uruguay. How can you be of assistance and what does it entail? I presently reside in Nigeria(Africa) and we have Uruguay embassy here.Thanks

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